San Diego, California - The San Diego State rowing team took three of four races against UC San Diego on Friday morning. The only race that the Aztecs dropped came in the novice competition. The event marked SDSU’s third spring event of the season.

The first success of the morning came in the varsity eight dual, which kicked off the morning at 7:20 am, in which San Diego State posted a time of 6 minutes, 33.4 seconds. UCSD crossed the finish line nearly seven seconds later (6:40.8).

The novice eight race began at 7:30 am saw the Aztec’s only second place finish with a time of 7:04.5 which was just behind the Tritons time of 6:59.7.

The second varsity eight crew, which got underway at 7:40 am, finished about 10 seconds ahead of UC San Diego’s crew (7:02.7) with a time of 6:52.3.

The open four competition saw the largest gap in victory as the Aztecs notched a time of 7:53.0 compared to UCSD’s 8:34.0.

Next up, San Diego State will dedicate a boat to Martha Shumaker. The ceremony will take place at 9:30 am on Saturday following the Aztec’s morning practice.


Varsity 8:

SDSU – 6:33.4

UCSD – 6:40.8

2nd Varsity 8:

SDSU – 6:52.3

UCSD – 7:02.7

Varsity 4:

SDSU – 7:41.4

UCSD – 7:48.0

Open 4:

SDSU – 7:53.0

UCSD – 8:34.0

Novice 8:

UCSD – 6:59.7

SDSU – 7:04.5


First Varsity Eight: Allison Jones (bow), Sarah Hultin (two), Jessica Haggard (three), Cassie Wilson (four), Halei Warren (five), Chelsee Brewster (six), Julia Brockherde (seven), Christa Carrillo (stroke) and Stephanie Schulman (coxswain).

Second Varsity Eight: Elizabeth Edmonds (bow), Kaitlyn Goss (two), Haley Burton (three), Campbell Oreglia (four), Mackenzie Morgan (five), Gentosi (six), Miranda Orsinelli-Rivers (seven), Sarah Winfield (stroke) and Jennifer Miller (coxswain).

Novice Eight: Jamie Darling (bow), Amalia Cristiano (two), Olivia Kirkpatrick (three), Bailey Buhrer (four), Christina Charlton (five), Paige Gugino (six), Haley Peterson (seven), Rachel Borden (stroke), Cassandra Houy (coxswain).

Varsity Four: Samantha Flores (bow), Ciara Estrada (two), Allison Litzinger (three), Annalisa Duarte (stroke) and Alyssa Lua (coxswain).

Open Four: Bianca Pires (bow), Patricia Gabbard (two), Stephanie Osmond (three), Alex Accornero (stroke) and Kendall Lyng (coxswain).