President Donald J. Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Are Working Together to Maintain a Free and Open Indo-Pacific

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Published: 29 September 2018 29 September 2018

Washington, DC - "Let us work together for a peaceful, prosperous, and free Indo-Pacific." ~ President Donald J. Trump

A FREE AND OPEN INDO-PACIFIC: The United States and Japan are working together to maintain a free, open, and prosperous regional order in the Indo-Pacific.

ENERGY: The United States and Japan are cooperating to promote energy security and access in the Indo-Pacific, including through the Japan-United States Strategic Energy Partnership. 

INFRASTRUCTURE AND DEVELOPMENT FINANCE:  The United States and Japan seek to ensure that infrastructure knits the Indo-Pacific region together, generates local wealth, and leads to sustainable growth. 

DIGITAL ECONOMY AND CYBERSECURITY:  Cyberspace increasingly will be an engine of economic growth and innovation in the Indo-Pacific. 

MARITIME SECURITY AND DISASTER RISK REDUCTION:  The United States and Japan are building capacity to advance the region’s rules-based maritime order, and to boost resiliency to natural disasters that threaten lives and property and disrupt commercial activity.