San Diego, California - Thanksgiving is all about tradition. And part of that tradition is food: turkey, potatoes, stuffing, cranberries. Sam the Cooking Guy gives a twist on some of the traditional Thanksgiving dishes in these original County News Center TV episodes. Watch him whip up these tasty recipes and try them out with your family this holiday season!

San Diego, California - ‘Tis the season - for shopping! Black Friday is here. The ads are filled with deals.

San Diego, California - There are those who salute and say thanks to soldiers and sailors they may encounter on the streets of their towns.  Others make a contribution to organizations such as the Wounded Warriors Project or the Veterans of Foreign Wars organization.

San Diego, California - Do you really want to go shopping on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving? What with the congested parking mall lots, the crowds and the lines; you might want to consider Green Friday instead.

San Diego, California - A six-year-old boy pretended to be a super hero during recess, raising his arms as if he was about to release a make-believe arrow from a make-belief bow and was summarily suspended for three-days, reports the Association of Mature American Citizens.

Irvine, California - Golf apparel manufacturer Carnoustie Sportswear has introduced its Spring 16 men's performance outerwear and shorts.

San Diego, California - The right seafood can make for a nutritious and satisfying meal, but it’s not always easy to decipher its labeling. Wild-caught, farm-raised, all-natural and organic are just a few buzz words shoppers notice at the seafood counter, but relying on a one-off label alone won’t guarantee a quality product, particularly in the case of tilapia.