Fig season in full flower

Written by Morning Ag Clips via CDFA Morning Ag Clips via CDFA
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Published: 26 September 2018 26 September 2018

Sacramento, California - According to the California Fresh Fig Growers Association, the 2018 California Fresh Fig season is well underway and will continue through mid-December. This year’s crop is as sweet as ever with lots of colors, shapes and sizes to enjoy.

“When you see them, buy them,” says Karla Stockli, Chief Executive Office of the California Fresh Fig Growers Association. “You’ll see different varieties throughout the season and they each have their own unique flavor and texture. Try them all to find your favorite.”

In California, there are six primary varieties of figs:

California is the sole producer of figs in the United States, due to the advantages of its Mediterranean climate. Figs are also grown in the countries of Turkey, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Iran, Syria, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco.