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San Diego, California - Kurt Boettcher retired in 2004. After a 35-year career in the medical field, he wasn’t about to sit idle at home and knew he needed an outlet to stay active.

On Tuesday, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors honored Boettcher as the Volunteer of the Month. In less than nine years, he’s put in nearly 3,800 hours with the Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP).

“It was a big change in my life,” Boettcher said. “My wife suggested I consider volunteering for the sheriff’s department.”

It was a perfect fit. Boettcher said he considered a career in law enforcement earlier in life and he had often seen the white RSVP patrol cars in the community.

“In reality, I think my wife thought it was good for me to be out of the house,” he joked.

At the Julian Sheriff’s station, Boettcher serves as a volunteer administrator, patrols the community, visits You Are Not Alone (YANA) seniors who live alone and may be at risk and works on data systems. He also worked with the County to expand home meal delivery services to Julian and often provides transportation on his own time to seniors that need to run errands.

“I feel strongly that senior volunteer patrols make a difference in the community,” Boettcher said. “By being visible on patrols, visiting homes of people on vacation and YANA clients, RSVP makes a big difference in keeping crime rates low.”

Linda Hopkins, San Diego County RSVP manager, said Boettcher is always there when his community needs him and willing to do whatever it takes.

“What I see in the community is a lot of people saying ‘if only there was somebody to do this, or we need to find somebody to do that,’” said Hopkins. “Kurt’s the somebody.”

Boettcher has no plans to slow down either. His work with the data systems at the sheriff’s department has given him plenty of learning opportunities.

“I like computers and computer programs, and I’ve had a lot of opportunities that the sheriff’s department has given me,” he said. “We have to keep learning as we get older.

“To me it’s important to stay busy, and as you know in Julian there are no golf courses.”

You can find out about the RSVP program on the County’s website. You can also download a volunteer application from the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors.