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San Diego, California - Anyone can and should save their hard-earned money - all you have to do is start.

San Diego County Supervisors unanimously endorsed the age-old financial wisdom of “pay yourself first” Tuesday, declaring Feb. 24 through March 1 “San Diego Saves” week and honoring the University of California Cooperative Extension and the County Farm and Home Advisor.

Patti Wooten Swanson, a nutrition, family and consumer science advisor with the Farm and Home Advisor, said San Diego Saves is part of the national “America Saves” campaign and urged people to focus on taking “one step” toward financial security.

She said that could be as easy as setting a written savings goal; opening a savings account; setting up automatic deposits into savings or increasing contributions toward retirement.

Wooten Swanson and Valeri Paul, the volunteer chairwoman of San Diego Saves, accepted the Board honor from Supervisor Dave Roberts at Tuesday’s meeting.

Wooten Swanson acknowledged that many people are often overwhelmed or intimidated by the idea of saving money — evidenced by a 2014 national survey of households that reported nearly one-third of Americans spend more than they earn.

But she said anyone can save by taking some simple steps:

Wooten Swanson said another good way to start saving is simply making a promise to yourself to do so. She said people can do that by going to the San Diego Saves website — — and making a no-obligation pledge to save money.

The website even offers to send people savings tips and gentle reminders of their pledge by email.

“It’s more like encouragement,” she said. “’How are you doing on your savings account?’”

For more information about how to start saving, reduce debt and build a more secure financial future, go to San Diego Saves.