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San Diego, California - Center for Information Warfare Training (CIWT) wrapped up the first updated Electronic Warfare Officer (EWO) Course at Information Warfare Training Command (IWTC) San Diego, September 16, as part of a training modernization effort for electronic warfare (EW).

"We saw that the course needed a change in both the information being presented and the format in which we presented it," said Chief Cryptologic Technician (Technical) Christopher Love, IWTC San Diego course supervisor and instructor. "We reviewed and revamped all the lessons so that they reflect the most current information the fleet has to offer. "

The EWO course of instruction is designed to provide naval officers serving as EWOs and senior cryptologic technician (technical) personnel serving as assistant EWOs with the basic knowledge and skills to manage shipboard EW functions and resources at the unit level and in support of strike group operations.

"The course illustrates the role an EWO plays in the single-ship environment where they work closely with members of other warfare areas, as well as the strike group where they take part in the planning and execution of broader missions," said Love.

Updates to the course include the addition of hands-on computer-based training systems designed to improve students' understanding of EW modules.

"The new updated course does an outstanding job of addressing the questions and providing guidance for the issues that many EWOs will face in the fleet," said Love.

Eleven students in this initial course received training in doctrine, EW control responsibilities aboard ships, multi-platform electronic support and attack capabilities, anti-ship missile defense tactics and EW support facilities.

"This is definitely a great course," said Ens. Sarah Sheen, one of the graduates. "The modernization helps with today's current EW standards that are set on the waterfront."

For fiscal year 2017, the EWO Course will be taught at six locations throughout the CIWT domain, including IWTC Virginia Beach, Virginia; IWTC San Diego; CIWT Site Hawaii; CIWT Site Pacific Northwest, in Everett, Washington; CIWT Site Jacksonville, Florida; and CIWT Site Yokosuka, Japan. The IWTC San Diego course convenes twice per year and trains 40-50 students annually.

"EW is an ever-changing element that requires constant monitoring and modification," said Love. "The modernization of the EWO course is a large step in the right direction for EW training and IWTC San Diego's effort to provide our Sailors with the most up to date and relevant information."

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