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San Diego, California - San Diego has the third highest cost of living compared to nine competitor metros and ranks last in affordability. The metropolitan area also ranks fourth in workforce diversity in terms of ethnicity. These findings were released today as part of the 2017 update to the Regional Jobs Strategy Dashboard, produced by the San Diego Regional Chamber Foundation.

The dashboard, sponsored by Bank of America, measures key indicators that affect job creation and employee retention to gauge how San Diego stacks up against other metro areas around the country. View the dashboard here:

“San Diego is a diverse and inclusive community,” said Jerry Sanders, Chamber President and CEO. “This creates the type of environment that makes San Diego a world-class place to run a business.”

The Chamber explored housing affordability and workforce diversity today in two panel discussions held at the Chamber. Panelists were:

The 2017 Jobs Strategy Dashboard update is designed to track and expand upon the metrics identified through the original Regional Jobs Strategy Initiative. The initial effort was guided by a coalition including the County of San Diego, the City of San Diego, the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) and many job creating organizations throughout our entire Cali-Baja region.

Despite high marks for parklands, weather, and upward mobility, San Diego has serious challenges for people living and working here – and for employers who are trying to attract and keep a talented workforce.

Maya Rosas, Advocacy Manager at Circulate San Diego, said San Diego’s standard of living is attractive for newcomers. But where will they live?

“Our growing population means that more homes must be built near transit and job centers for all San Diegans,” Rosas said.

San Diego also has the second highest poverty rate, and is in fifth place for disconnected youth, with 43,000 young people who are not attending school or working.

“Compared to San Diego’s competitor metros, San Diego ranks last in affordability,” said Sean Karafin, the Chamber’s Vice President of Policy and Economic Research. “We can’t overstate how much our housing affordability crisis is holding back our economy.”

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