San Diego, California - Sheriff's Deputies will be honored for their hard work in recovering stolen cars across San Diego County.

San Diego, California - Don’t drink green beer and drive. OK, don’t drink any alcohol to excess and get behind the wheel.

San Diego County, California - The number of rattlesnake calls to the County’s Department of Animal Services (DAS) has more than tripled compared to the same time period last year.

Vallecito Valley, California - Your kids think they have it so rough? Round them up and take them to Vallecito Day, a free festival, for a taste of life during the 1860s.

San Diego, California - When given the chance, do you buy strawberries from Carlsbad or those shipped in from out of state? Some folks like to support the businesses in their backyard instead of somewhere else. They buy local.

San Diego, California - The County of San Diego is getting tougher on nursing homes and elder care facilities that provide inadequate care to older and vulnerable adults.

San Diego, California - They show up pretending to be interested in property for sale. But they are there primarily to look for one thing: prescription drugs.