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Arabian Gulf - Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68) are constantly hard at work, whether it be in the air, on the flight deck or below decks. Every job is essential to the mission, and it is important that each Sailor is taken care of to ensure that.

The Sailors in Nimitz' administration department, currently deployed, are focused on maintaining Sailors' level of readiness in regards to matters back home.

Admin rates include personnel specialists, Navy counselors, and yeomen. They support Sailors when it comes to their pay, housing allowance, awards, separation from the Navy, and much more. They are stationed at Navy commands around the world, both at shore and sea. Their primary roles and responsibilities can change depending on where they are stationed.

"Admin's main job on the ship is to make sure the morale of the command isn't about issues or problems with pay," said Chief Personnel Specialist Jeffrey Decenso, from New Middletown, Ohio. "We handle all of those issues so that they can do their job on deployment, or wherever we're at in the fleet."

Being at sea can be challenging for Sailors and it can make dealing with financial responsibilities difficult. Admin makes sure that important paperwork and documents, especially regarding pay, are handled in a timely manner so Sailors can focus on the mission at hand.

"If we don't engage on pay issues, it can decrease morale," said Decenso. "The Sailors could be stressed about money and not really worried about their job."

It can be difficult to plan ahead and have all the answers when it comes to a Sailor's career. Navy counselors and career counselors handle anything and everything that has to do with Sailors' careers, including reenlistments, separations, retirements, and more.

Being deployed can also make family matters back home challenging. Admin also handles all paperwork for Basic Housing Allowance (BAH) and other documents involving Sailors' dependents and entitlements.

"This can affect somebody's job, or even their life," said Yeoman 3rd Class Lelah D. West, from Jacksonville, Florida. "If I don't get stuff out, make sure it's done right and expedited, that could mess up somebody's life. People are worried about what goes on back at home."

In addition to monetary entitlements, recognition for hard work is important in any job. Admin processes all awards, reenlistments and correspondences to recognize Sailors for what they do.

"People work too hard to not get paid or recognized for what they do, and that's why we're here," said West. "We don't want them to feel like the stuff that they do goes unnoticed. We see them out on the flight deck or out in the hangar bay working hard and sweaty. They have to get recognized for that."

As Nimitz Sailors work hard around the ship, they can focus on the mission knowing that admin is also working hard to ensure each Sailor's money, careers and family matters are properly dealt with.

Nimitz is deployed in the U.S. 5th Fleet area of operations in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. While in this region, the ship and strike group are conducting maritime security operations to reassure allies and partners, preserve freedom of navigation, and maintain the free flow of commerce.