Millington, Tennessee - The Navy is seeking anonymous feedback from Sailors about alcohol and prescription drug abuse prevention efforts, by using a survey, launched today, aimed at improving education and prevention campaigns.

The Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Survey measures participants' attitudes and perceptions of alcohol and prescription drug abuse. Findings will be used to develop and enhance prevention programs that resonate with Sailors and increase readiness of the fleet.

The survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete, and is available at

"Sailors have been the driving force behind the 'Keep What You've Earned' and 'Prescription for Discharge' campaigns since their inception," said Dorice Favorite, director of Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention. "We ask Sailors about their thoughts and opinions on alcohol and prescription drug use in the Navy, and we regularly seek their feedback about our efforts to date. Sailors and their personal stories are the inspiration for how we model our campaigns. By taking this survey, we gain invaluable insight on how Sailors in the fleet think and feel, and that helps us do our job better and keep our communities safer."

NADAP is particularly interested in the opinions of young, enlisted Sailors, but all are welcome to participate, including Navy leadership, alcohol abuse prevention personnel, and Navy family members.

Feedback will be used to develop new products for the "Keep What You've Earned" responsible drinking campaign, launched in April 2013, and the "Prescription for Discharge" campaign, launched in April 2014.