San Diego, California - A newly identified genetic disorder associated with degeneration of the central and peripheral nervous systems in humans, along with the genetic cause, is reported in the April 24, 2014 issue of Cell.

San Diego, California (NAPSI) - With our nation in the midst of a health care revolution, government-driven health insurance exchanges are grabbing headlines, often for the wrong reasons. From political haggling to technical gaffes, it’s been a bumpy road for federal- and state-run public exchanges.

San Diego, California - Cases of pertussis, commonly known as whooping cough, continue to soar in San Diego County, putting the region on pace for the worst year for the disease since 2010 according to the County’s Health and Human Services Agency.

San Diego, California - Measles. Mumps. Polio. Chickenpox. Whooping Cough.

These are five of 14 childhood diseases that can be prevented by vaccines. But, a growing number of San Diego parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children, leaving them prone to illness.

San Diego, California (NAPSI) - When it comes to health care, big things are happening at the smallest level. That’s the word from experts who say that medical tests known as molecular diagnostics represent one of the most important steps in medicine in the last century.

San Diego, California (NAPSI) - For parents and child care providers, the stats about accidental injuries of children up to age 19 are daunting but you can protect your own kids.

San Diego, California - Most drugs used to treat lung, breast and pancreatic cancers also promote drug-resistance and ultimately spur tumor growth. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine have discovered a molecule, or biomarker, called CD61 on the surface of drug-resistant tumors that appears responsible for inducing tumor metastasis by enhancing the stem cell-like properties of cancer cells.