Santee, California - Looking for a new book to read? Youth Services Librarian Danielle Clayton from the Santee County Library has got a great recommendation for you.

What it's called: “Nation”

Who wrote it: Terry Pratchett

Read it if you liked: “Shakespeare Bats Cleanup”

What it's about: In this smart and very funny book, Terry Pratchett brings to life Mau, a boy whose entire nation has been killed by a tsunami, and Daphne, the only survivor of the Sweet Judy, which washed ashore on Mau’s island.

As the only two survivors on the island, Mau and Daphne are not yet ready to take on the responsibility of building a new Nation, but that is what they must do when other survivors begin to find the island. Mau is not yet a man although neither is he a boy, but now he is the leader of this new Nation. Daphne is almost an English lady, whose life skills include how to look down on foreigners and to always “Maintain Standards.”

In order to thrive in their new lives and to survive cannibals, murderous mutineers, and shark attacks, Mau and Daphne must forget what they thought they knew and accept that the world is much different than anyone yet knows. I highly recommend this Printz Honor book to teens and adults. I also recommend the audio version of this book, narrated by Stephen Briggs. Briggs’ narration style perfectly pairs with Pratchett’s dry wit and intelligent prose.

How to get your hands on it: Visit your local County library, request it in the library bookmobile or see if it's available online through e-books.

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