San Diego, California - What is in a name? Whether you put a lot of thought into selecting a name fit for your dog or you adopted it with an existing name, there are some trends in San Diego County.

The Department of Animal Services released a list of the most popular names among currently licensed dogs in San Diego County.

Just like baby names, dog names rise and fall in popularity. However, the local list of the most popular dog names did not change much from last year. Bella remained at the top of the list. Max moved up from the number four spot into second place. And Lola walked her way into the top 10 replacing Maggie. Just missing the list this year was Rocky, Coco, Maggie, Sadie and Jack.

Looking to adopt a four-legged friend? Animal Services has several dogs with these well-liked names at its shelters; see their bios and photos below. To see all the animals available for adoption, visit the County’s webpage or call (619) 767-2675.

  2016 2015
1. Bella Bella
2. Max Buddy
3. Buddy Lucy
4. Lucy Max
5. Daisy Daisy
6. Charlie Charlie
7. Molly Molly
8. Bailey Bailey
9. Roxy Roxy
10. Lola Maggie

Is your furry feline’s moniker the cat’s meow? Find out next week. Watch for the Top 10 cat names list!