San Diego, California - She may have been 100 feet down a ravine a couple weeks ago, but this two-and-a-half-month-old puppy is now living happily in the foothills of LA County with her new family, including two young girls, a dog and a cat!

San Diego, California - You can almost smell the barbecues heating up! The Fourth of July is a time for get-togethers, celebrations - and lots and lots of food.

San Diego, California - Some people bike for fun. Others ride for exercise or to get to work.

San Diego, California - Many San Diego County residents are eligible for food assistance and might not know it, but the County of San Diego is aiming to change that as it continues a variety of increased outreach efforts.

San Diego, California - Have your kids ever asked you where the food they're eating comes from? It's a question many parents are answering right from their backyard and porches.

San Diego, California - With memories of winter fading fast, you might not be thinking about your home’s insulation, but the warm months are the ideal time for some simple DIY insulation projects with huge paybacks. Proper insulation - from roof to foundation - helps keep your home cool in the summer (and warm and cozy in winter).

New York - The Millennial customer treats a handbag purchase as a multi-step process, and 41 percent said they started thinking about their most recent handbag purchase more than a month in advance, according  to a new report from global information company The NPD Group, created in partnership with Stylitics. The New Handbag Customer Revealed 2016 study examines the closets and mindset of Millennial women to understand their needs, aspirations, inspirations, and the triggers that make them purchase.