San Marcos, California - Fry's Electronics Loss Prevention Officers observed a male subject later identified as Andrew Miller, remove several items from display shelves and conceal them onto his person. Miller had a companion with him, Nathan Montz.

Miller exited Fry's Electronics, without paying for the concealed items. Deputies contacted Miller outside of Fry's Electronics with the concealed items on his person. Miller was arrested without incident for 459 PC, Commercial burglary and 182 PC, Conspiracy. Nathan Montz exited Fry's Electronics a short time later and when confronted by Deputies, Montz took off running but stumbled and fell to the ground striking his head on the pavement and scraping his right forearm. Deputies quickly tried to handcuff Montz but he refused to follow commands and continued to reach for his waistband. Montz was eventually taken into custody and was in possession of a knife and stolen property. Montz was charged with 459 PC- Commercial Burglary, 182 (A)(1) PC- Conspiracy, and 148 (A)(1) PC- Resisting Arrest.