San Diego, California - Wildfires can strike in any state, particularly during the summer months. Fires are currently burning in Washington, Oregon, California and Utah and more states are under high watch for wildfires. Whether you or a loved one live in a region at risk for wildfires, simple preparedness steps can help save lives.

You can take the first step toward wildfire preparedness right now and download the free Red Cross Wildfire App.

The Wildfire App gives you important information in the palm of your hand:

  • Preloaded content gives users instant access to information on what to do before, during and after wildfires – even without mobile connectivity
  • The latest updates from local, state and federal fire agencies in the “Wildfire News” section
  • Red Cross emergency shelter locator for when you need help
  • One-touch “I’m Safe” button that instantly posts a message to your social networks, notifying friends and family that you’re out of harm’s way, and more.

No smart phone? No problem. You can also find helpful wildfire preparedness tips by visiting our website at Wildfires often begin unnoticed but can spread quickly, and every second counts. Keep informed about threats in your neighborhood and have an evacuation plan in place for you and your loved ones. By taking a few simple steps today, you can ensure you’re prepared for wildfires.

The Red Cross responds to approximately 70,000 disasters in the United States every year, ranging from home fires that affect a single family to storms that affect tens of thousands. Please consider making a donation to Disaster Relief today. Your support will help people affected by disasters big and small.

When disasters strike, the Red Cross is on the scene to support families and first responders by providing for their immediate needs such as shelter, food and emotional support.

Thank you for being a part of the American Red Cross. And thank you for taking our mission to heart – to relieve suffering wherever and whenever it happens.