San Diego, California - It's summer vacation time, the high season for those who prey on travelers, warns the Association of Mature American Citizens.  So be sure to take precautions.  AMAC says you should take special care to safeguard things such as cash, travelers checks, credit cards, passports, cell phones, even your airline tickets.

Invest in a money belt, an anti-theft travel wallet, a secure carry-all, for example, to thwart pickpockets and snatch-and-grab thieves.  Search the Internet for these items; there are plenty to choose from and they are not expensive, considering the protection they offer.

Meanwhile, don't leave these items lying around in your hotel room when you go out, even if it's a quick trip to the newsstand in the lobby.  Put them in the hotel safe or take them with you.  The miscreants who specialize in hotel theft have their ways of getting in and finding those seemingly obscure hiding places.