Whidbey Island, Washington - Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Jonathan Greenert visited Naval Air Station (NAS) Whidbey Island along with Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) Mike Stevens for an all-hands call and visits with Whidbey tenant commands August 5.

"Enjoyed a great day learning at NAS Whidbey Island discussing with Shipmates a majority of my focus areas, EM-Cyber, Undersea Dominance, and Unmanned Systems," said Greenert at the conclusion of his visit.

Earlier today Greenert attended the 40th Naval Aviation Electronic Warfare Symposium where he shared his thoughts with 450 naval officers, government and industry specialists on the significance of the electromagnetic spectrum and Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare (EMMW).

Greenert recounted his last visit to Whibey saying the number of EA-18G Growlers have increased significantly from a year ago. He told the audience, NAS Whidbey is a vibrant upcoming base for something that is very important. This is a center of excellence for electronic warfare, he said.

Greenert described the importance of maneuvering in the electromagnetic environment and the need for control and awareness as he outlined a strategy in his remarks.

Following the event Greenert met with Electronic Attack and Maritime Patrol community leaders at Whidbey and visited a number of training facilities for a deeper discussion on other EM-spectrum related topics, EMMW capabilities and future requirements.

Additionally, Greenert joined up with his wife Darleen and MCPON Stevens who were also visiting different facilities around the base for a mass reenlistment and all-hands call. Speaking with 500 Sailors, civilians and families from Whidbey's tenant commands they reenlisted 13 Sailors and answered questions about manning at sea, sea pay, deployment lengths, benefits and leadership issues.

During Greenert's initial remarks he emphasized Navy is in huge demand around the world and the work Sailors are doing at Whidbey in the EMMW area is critically important. He told them that what they are doing in Whidbey is a big deal and a big part of the Navy's future.

After Greenert's remarks, both CNO and MCPON took questions from the crowd. A petty officer serving as a victims advocate asked about if sexual assault prevention in the Navy has gotten better. MCPON asked how she felt the Navy is doing, which she replied that the sailors she is around feel as though it's getting better overall.

Another Sailor asked that in a pinched budget environment are we going to continue doing more with less and what is being done to limit stress. Both CNO and MCPON said they are not looking to overwork Sailors and that there is work being done to add more stability to schedules and predictability, manning initiatives to reduce gaps at sea and sea pay initiatives to compensate Silors for the hard work they are doing. CNO said it will not happen over night but the Navy is working it.

MCPON closed with laying out his 3 tips for Foundations to Success. "If you work hard, stay out of trouble and are a good and decent person, I can assure that you will be successful at what ever you do," he said.

Greenert closed the event with asking Sailors to speak up and provide input to Reducing Administrative Distractions (RAD) so the Navy can be more efficient. He encouraged Sailors to log onto the RAD website and share thoughts and ideas on what administrative distractions might be affecting their work environment.

Sailors can provide unsolicited feedback or possible solutions by establishing an account and logging onto the RAD website at https://navyrad.ideascale.com