Washington, DC - Recently Sailors may have heard rumors that the Navy's motorcycle training courses were no longer being offered or that there was a prolonged gap. Not true!

During the month of October motorcycle safety training courses WILL be offered, but on a limited and first-come-first-served basis while new instructor schedules are secured for the new fiscal year.

Sailors interested in taking a class may still sign up through the routine channels of visiting the ESAMs website and checking with their local installation safety office.

Additionally, during this interim period Sailors who are qualified instructors who may be interested in volunteering to teach may coordinate their availability with their local installation safety office. Volunteer instructor courses will also be posted on the ESAMs website in the usual manner.

Courses will focus on Basic Rider Course (BRC) 1 and 2, the Advanced Rider Course (ARC), and Motorcycle Sportbike Rider Course (MSRC).

"Each command has the option to request surge training for a specific number of students, at a specific location, for a specific type of class," said CNIC's Safety Director, Rick Maiello.