Washington, DC - The State Department is pleased to announce that the Global Equality Fund was named the 2014 official nonprofit partner for Out Leadership, a new global organization that enables top executives and senior leaders in financial services, law, and insurance to come together to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) equality as part of business and networking activities.

The Global Equality Fund, a public-private partnership launched by the Department of State, supports civil society’s efforts to advance and protect the human rights of LGBT persons around the world. The Fund is a collaborative effort led by the United States that bridges 13 additional sovereign governments, foundations, and for-profit corporations with the shared objective of supporting civil society groups in more than 50 countries to help create an environment in which LGBT persons can live freely and without discrimination.

The Fund provides organizations and human rights defenders with emergency assistance in response to threats or harassment due to their work to protect the human rights of LGBT persons; builds organizational capacity for human rights documentation, advocacy, legal reform, and organizational development; and provides support to combat negative social attitudes and societal discrimination.

Out Leadership was launched in 2014 as a pioneering model for cross-industry collaboration to develop new and innovative initiatives leveraging LGBT opportunities across a range of industries designed to engage senior business leaders, the initiatives seek to impact business results, develop LGBT talent, and drive equality forward. Currently, these initiatives operate within three industry-specific groups: Out on the Street, Out in Law, and Out in Insurance. The Global Equality Fund will serve as the nonprofit partner organization for all of Out Leadership’s initiatives around the world. For more information, click here.