Washington, DC - Chief of Naval Personnel (CNP), Vice Adm. Robert Burke recognized OPNAV N1 top civilians and Sailors during a ceremony at Naval Support Facility Arlington in Arlington, Virginia, March 14.

The awardees were recognized during an all hands call where CNP addressed the achievements of each civilian and Sailor and how their contributions promote success in their workplace and in the Navy.

The fiscal year (FY) 2017 recipients are:

Junior Civilian of the Year - Mark Vandervort - N17
Senior Civilian of the Year - Jeffrey Krusling - N13
Junior Sailor of Year - Yeoman 2nd Class (SW) Carrien McIntosh - N1S
Senior Sailor of the Year - Personnel Specialist 1st Class (SW/AW) Fataiya Blaine - N1P

Vandervort was recognized for success in performance of his duties, and a list of achievements while serving as an equal opportunity specialist in the Navy Sexual Harassment Prevention and Equal Opportunity Office for OPNAV N17. He assisted in the delivery of training to 240 participants at the Department of the Navy Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Training Seminar, provided assistance to 97 active duty and reserve Sailors via the Navy's sexual harassment prevention and equal opportunity advice line, and led several working groups in drafting the Navy equal opportunity program manual and sexual harassment prevention and response program manual.

Vandervort was also recognized as the FY17 OPNAV Junior Civilian of the Year runner-up in a ceremony at the Pentagon, Dec. 15.

"It is a tremendous honor to receive this recognition," said Vandervort. "It truly is a reflection of the great work that the Sexual Harassment Prevention and Equal Opportunity office team does."

Krusling serves as the branch head for Military Pay and Compensation, and is responsible for the development, implementation and monitoring of Navy policy for all pays, allowances and monetary incentives. As the subject matter expert for the Department of Defense's Blended Retirement System (BRS), he provided extensive and comprehensive analyses, sound recommendations, and wise counsel to CNP on Navy's position in the development of BRS. He executed the current Special and Incentive Pay (S&I) programs without a budget and during an extended Continuing Resolution, he ensured that Selective Re-enlistment Bonus, Assignment Incentive Pay, and Sea Duty Incentive Pay programs all executed seamlessly.

McIntosh was recognized as the Junior Sailor of the Year for her role as the N1/CNP Promotion Selection Board Liaison Office (PSBLO) Administrative Manager. Her expertise and coordination with the NPC Promotion Selection Board Administration (PERS-804) office resulted in the timely tracking, processing, editing and transmission of critical promotion/selection board items impacting 320,000 officers and enlisted personnel Navy-wide.

Blaine was recognized as the Senior Sailor of the Year for her promotions and selections announcements, the distribution of personnel policy notifications for more than 330,000 Sailors, and the drafting and dissemination of naval messages that impact the Fleet. Additionally, she is directly responsible for the administrative support of 210 active and reserve military personnel and 140 civilian employees.

"The recognition for this award needs to go to the entire N1 command," said Blaine. "Each day I learn something new, whether it is from my fellow first classes, the junior Sailors, Chiefs, Officers, or civilians."

Blaine competed with Sailors from around the Fleet in the Manpower Personnel, Training and Education Sailor of the Year competition.

Also recognized for first quarter FY 2018 achievements were:

Junior Sailor of the Quarter - Yeoman 2nd Class (SCW) Jeffrey G. Gross - N1S
Senior Sailor of the Quarter - Information Systems Technician 1st Class (IW/SW/AW) Dee Xiong - Fleet Introduction Team (FIT) - (San Diego)
Junior Officer of the Quarter - Lt. Caroline C. Brown - N1D
Junior Civilian of the Quarter - Mr. Arvin Williams - N12
Senior Civilian of the Quarter - Mr. Robert Sorenson - N12

The civilian and Sailor of the year and quarter awards are presented to junior and senior civilians and Sailors whose contributions represent the best of the Navy by demonstrating both professional and personal dedication.