Huntington, West Virginia - United States Attorney Mike Stuart announced today a major takedown of drug traffickers and related drug networks recently indicted by a federal grand jury in Huntington, as well as other narcotics, violent crime and firearm related targets. 

Washington, DC - We cherish the friendship between the United States and Japan. And I cherish my friendship with Prime Minister Abe. ~ President Donald J. Trump

Washington, DC - When we began our push for tax cuts, I promised that our bill would result in more jobs, higher wages, and tremendous relief for middle-class families, and that is exactly what we have delivered. ~ President Donald J. Trump

Cambridge, Massachusetts - When LIGO’s twin detectors first picked up faint wobbles in their respective, identical mirrors, the signal didn’t just provide first direct detection of gravitational waves — it also confirmed the existence of stellar binary black holes, which gave rise to the signal in the first place.

Scottsdale, Arizona - With the arrival of spring comes spring cleaning. While decluttering your home may seem like an overwhelming task, it can significantly declutter your mind. According to a survey by the American Cleaning Institute, 72 percent of households spring clean every year.

El Cajon, California - For many, high school graduation is a rite of passage, but sometimes circumstances prevent students from getting a diploma.

Washington, DC - According to a new survey by the American Red Cross, many people overestimate their ability to react to a home fire and miss critical steps to keep their loved ones safe.