Seattle, Washington - The new “Tips On How to Plan a Garden” report on the website delivers innovative tips to plan garden effectively. At the beginning of the report, people will get to know basic rules to plan a garden.

The author reveals to people tips on planning their foundation plantings. Foundation plantings are the small trees and shrubs planted around the perimeter of the house. People should choose trees and shrubs that will look good year-round. Moreover, they should also avoid competing elements that detract from the main entrance and the house in general. Besides, the author also indicates that tall plantings placed at the corners of the house can soften its edges and tie in into the landscape. They could also give an illusion of extending a small house, making it appear larger.

After that, the article points out that trees and shrubs shelter wildlife and filter the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. There are different shrubs to choose from. Gardeners should measure their shrub’s root-ball and dig a hole as deep as the root-ball and twice as wide. Like trees, shrubs are classified as either evergreen or deciduous. Next, in the report, people will discover that ground covers require less maintenance than a lawn. Therefore, they should use these plants in areas that get little traffic. In warm areas, ground covers could be planted basically any time. However, spring and fall are the ideal. In colder areas, spring is the good time to plant ground covers as fall plantings are likely to have a hard time surviving alternate thawing and freezing of the soil. Actually, different ground covers have different cultural requirements as well as growth habits. This report also uncovers some easy-to-grow ground covers, such as bugleweed, kinnikinnick, juniper, wintercreeper, and juniper. In addition, readers will discover many vegetable garden growing tips. The writer advises readers that they should keep cutworms away from seedlings. In fact, moth caterpillars often creep along the soil surface, eating tender stem bases of young seedlings and cutting sprouts off at the roots. After the “Tips On How to Plan a Garden” report was launched, a lot of people can improve their understanding about gardening issues quickly.

Mai Pham from the site says that: “The “Tips On How to Plan a Garden” report is actually helpful and includes various techniques and ideas on how to plan a garden easily. Additionally, the tips delivered in this post are easy-to-apply for most people.”

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