How To Cleanse With Gravity-based Colonic Hydrotherapy

Phoenix, Arizona - Joyce Rockwood CCH joins us to share another natural health solution…today...another glimpse at Colon Health & Happiness. Joyce Rockwood CCH Gravity-based Colonic Hydrotherapy insights Part II.

Repurposed drug helps obese mice lose weight, improve metabolic function

Washington, DC - An off-label experiment in mice using disulfiram, which has been used to treat alcohol use disorder for more than 50 years, consistently normalized body weight and reversed metabolic damage in obese middle-aged mice of both sexes. The international study was led by researchers at the National Institute on Aging (NIA), part of the National Institutes of Health . The results were published online in the journal Cell Metabolism on May 14.

Weight Loss Made Easy With Proper Food Combining via Joyce Rockwood, CCH

Phoenix, Arizona - Please join our friend and mentor Joyce Rockwood for some enlightenment on how she teaches you how to heal from the inside out– Joyce has joined us today to share some remarkable natural health solutions Weight Loss Made Easy With Proper Food Combining.

San Diego County Residents Encouraged to Get Tested, Treated for HIV

San Diego, California - Test. Treat. Prevent.

These are the three main strategies of the County Health and Human Services Agency’s (HHSA) Getting to Zero initiative to end new HIV infections in the region within 10 years.

NIH enables imaging in lifestyle interventions trial for Alzheimer’s disease

Washington, DC - The National Institute on Aging, part of the National Institutes of Health, has awarded the University of California, Berkeley a grant to capture PET and MRI images of participants in the U.S. Protect Brain Health through lifestyle Intervention to Reduce risk (U.S. POINTER). The NIA grant is for the U.S. POINTER Neuroimaging Ancillary Study and is expected to total $47 million over five years pending availability of funds (NIH grant number R01AG062689).

HIV Vaccine Awareness Day 2019

Washington, DC - Since the first cases of what would become known as HIV/AIDS were initially reported in 1981, scientists and public health officials have been working to better understand HIV, develop strategies to effectively treat and prevent infection, and bring about an end to the pandemic. This effort remains a critical focus globally and for the United States.