San Diego, California - Friends, family and former colleagues gathered Monday at the San Diego County Sheriff’s Museum to celebrate the 100th birthday of the oldest living San Diego County Sheriff’s retiree.

Leland McPhie, decked out in his Sheriff’s uniform, sat proudly in front of a birthday cake while guests sang out “Happy Birthday” to the former youngest sheriff’s captain of San Diego County Jail. McPhie received proclamations from the County of San Diego and the State of California, both declaring “Leland McPhie Day,” which will be celebrated on March 10, the retired captain’s actual birthday.

A similar celebration was held last year for McPhie’s 99th birthday.

McPhie, who still has plenty of spunk, is celebrating 100 years by jetting off to Boston Tuesday to compete in the USA Masters Track Indoor Championship. His neighbor, Jack Henn, said he’ll most likely participate in shot put and the 200-meter sprint.


“He’ll get there and do whatever events he wants,” Henn said,” but he’ll definitely sprint. It’s pretty incredible.”