San Diego, California - Looking for a new book to read? Branch Manager Sherry Markham from the Pine Valley County Library has got a great recommendation for you.

What it's called: “One Good Dog”

Who wrote it: Susan Wilson

Read it if you liked: “A Dog’s Purpose”

What it's about: Adam March, a self-made millionaire seems to have it all, living a picture perfect life, surrounded by wealth and privilege. Then, in one instant, all of that changes, and he finds himself alone, unemployed, and doing community service in a homeless shelter. Chance, a pit bull mix bred as a fighting dog, living in a dark and vicious world, takes an opportune moment to escape from his captors. Human and dog come together as both fight for a chance at a new life. This is a story of love, loyalty, new discoveries, and redemption, told from the point of view of Adam March, but also from the point of view of Chance, the former fighting dog. Just a warning: the dog fighting scenes and the horror of dog fighting in general is rather descriptive.

 How to get your hands on it: Visit your local County library, request it in the library bookmobile or see if it's available online through e-books.

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