San Diego, California - For thousands of years, the mighty Mississippi River carried sediment downstream as it flowed into the Gulf of Mexico, building out the iconic Mississippi River Delta. As humans have built large dams and levees along the river over the past two centuries, sediment flow has been reduced, resulting in the slow recession of the delta since the 1950s.

Point Loma, California - You can walk or you can run.

Either way, you’ll raise awareness about mental illness by joining the upcoming NAMI San Diego 5K Walk/Run and HHSA Wellness Expo.

San Diego, California - Don’t fall for it if someone claiming to work at the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department calls you on the phone and tells you to pay up or you’ll go to jail.

Carlsbad, California - Looking for a pet that doesn’t need your attention 24/7? Meet Cleveland!

San Diego, California - Check Out These County Library Stats for National Library Week: It’s National Library Week and the San Diego County Library is celebrating along with branches all across the country. If you haven’t been to the library in a while, check it out. Libraries used to be all about reading but now it’s so much more. Branches offer classes, programs and special events.

Chula Vista, California - Aging and Independence Services 16th Annual Intergenerational Games in Chula Vista brought older adults and Liberty Elementary School third graders together to have some fun and learn a little about each other.

San Diego, California - J. Douglass Jennings, a disbarred California attorney, was sentenced to 34 months in federal prison for committing bankruptcy fraud (concealment of assets) and for tax evasion.  His wife Peggy Jennings was sentenced to four months in federal custody for committing bank fraud.