San Diego, California - Looking for a career protecting those who have no voice and cannot ask for help? Have compassion for animals and want to improve their lives? Help keep our communities safe? County Animal Services is looking for you!

The department is hiring 10 Animal Control Officers. While it sounds as if anyone who loves animals could step right in, the reality is far different. Animal Control Officers are responsible for a wide variety of activities. They must also:

  • Investigate complaints about animal cruelty, abuse, and neglect
  • Interact with people in a positive, friendly and ethical manner
  • Respond to reports of dangerous animals
  • Enforce state felony and misdemeanor laws, and local animal-related regulatory ordinances
  • Write detailed investigation reports
  • Give expert testimony in court cases
  • Serve search warrants 
  • Arrest people suspected of violating animal-related laws
  • In a disaster, help evacuate animals to safety

New officers are trained for these tasks through an extensive 10-week long academy, but not everyone has the right combination of skills to succeed in this type of work.

The ideal candidate must indeed love animals but also must deal with extremely complicated investigations and calmly interact with highly emotional individuals.  

Sound like you? For more information and qualifications, check out the job posting. The application deadline is April 30.