San Diego, California - San Diego State University offers bachelor's degrees in 89 areas, master's degrees in 78 areas and doctorates in 21 areas. Here are the most popular degrees among the nearly 9,300 graduates in the Class of 2014:

No. 10: B.A., Political Science
These 158 graduates have spent their college career gaining a global awareness and keen sense of political climates. Their ability to identify and addresses some of the fundamental problems facing human society makes their degree both important and influential. Some will go on to work in politics and nonprofit organizations, while others will head to law school to become lawyers and judges.

No. 9: B.S., Biology

Growing demands in health care and concern for the environment are just a couple of the factors increasing society’s need for biologists. Through support of laboratories and facilities including SDSU’s Donald P. Shiley BioScience Center, the Coastal and Marine Institute and the Electron Microscope Facility, these 172 graduates have had plenty of hands-on experience preparing for the workforce. While some of these graduates will become medical doctors, ecologists and dentists, others will continue the research they began at SDSU.

No. 8: B.S., Business Administration - Marketing

How products and services are developed, priced, promoted, distributed and sold is important for the competitive global marketplace we live in. Some of the 172 marketing graduates have chosen to advance their skills through the Centre for Integrated Marketing Communications or take on a Professional Selling and Sales Management Specialization. They are leaving SDSU with an understanding of buyer and seller behavior making them perfect for careers such as brand, market or sales managers, analysts and account executives.

No. 7: B.S., Business Administration - Accounting

The 192 graduates in the Charles W. Lamden School of Accountancy can credit a program with a national reputation for its innovative education in the fields of accounting, auditing and taxation. The school also boasts one of the top 10 pass rates among large universities in California for first-time takers of the Certified Public Accountant exam, qualifying these graduates for careers in corporate or public accounting as well as tax, financial planning and auditing.

No. 6: B.A., Liberal Studies

With a degree designed for future educators and administrators, the 207 students graduating in liberal studies think critically and creatively. Many have studied abroad or participated in internships designed specifically to enhance their degree experience. While some will enter credential programs, others will go on to work in a wide range of careers including non-profit organizations and government.

No. 5: B.A., Communication (Liberal Arts)
These 210 graduates have earned a degree from one of the top communication schools in the country. As effective communicators, some of these graduates will become lead spokespeople for corporate, community affairs or government; others may continue their education through SDSU’s
Communication Master's Program, named one of the top 10 programs in the world by Eduniversal.

No. 4: B.S., Business Administration - Management

Knowledge of employee and firm performance, ethics, diversity and human resource management are just a few things the 228 business management graduates will leave SDSU with. Some of these leaders and entrepreneurs have participated in the Faculty-Student Mentoring Program, which supports student engagement and development through undergraduate research, scholarship and creative initiatives. Others have participated in student management organizations, nurturing skills such as strategic management and company governance.

No. 3: B.S., Business Administration - Finance

No one knows how to plan for the long term better than these 229 graduates. Using the resources of the Corky McMillin Center for Real Estate, the Center for the Study of Personal Financial Planning and the Wells Fargo Financial Markets Laboratory at SDSU, these graduates are set to become experts in their field. Among their talents: administration of funds, loans, buyer and investor relations, financial management, protection of assets and tax administration.

No. 2: B.S., Criminal Justice
The 410 graduates in this major are intrigued by why crime occurs and how it is responded to. Prepared for careers in federal, state and local law enforcement, these graduates may work in probation, parole, corrections and other social service agencies. Through SDSU’s Criminal Justice Program, these students have gained an in-depth analysis of all facets of crime, delinquency and crime control as well as a foundation for critical, balanced, responsible and effective administrative responses.

The most popular degree for the class of 2014 is ...

No. 1: B.A., Psychology
This year, a total of 611 SDSU graduates studied human mental processes and behavior. Research and community building are staples of this major, with students who have showcased original research and scholarship projects in the
Student Research Symposium and others who have taken part in student organizations that promote inclusion and well-being. These graduates will become counselors at schools or in the private and public sectors or go on to pursue a Ph.D or Psy.D. U.S. News and World Report ranks SDSU's clinical psychology program 26th and its joint doctoral program in clinical psychology with the University of California, San Diego 52nd among the nation’s best.

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