Millington, Tennessee - A change to personnel policy now allows detailers to write orders directing the transfer of Sailors up to six months prior to or after their Projected Rotation Date (PRD).

Additionally, shore duty Sailors in paygrades E-4 to E-9 may be pulled for Early Return to Sea Duty, after having completed at least 24-months ashore.

A change to MILPERSMAN 1306-104 gives Navy detailers increased flexibility in filling anticipated fleet vacancies on time with a fully trained and qualified relief. Although the use of the Voluntary Sea Duty Program, Sea Duty Incentive Pay, and the Chief Petty Officer Early Return to Sea programs have made progress in improving fleet manning, there are times when the number of fleet vacancies and/or the associated training requirements for those positions do not align with the number or availability dates of Sailors in their orders negotiation window.

PRDs will not be adjusted and the current Career Management System/Interactive Detailing (CMS/ID) application and detailing policies remain unchanged. Sailors will still enter their CMS/ID order negotiation window nine months prior to their PRD. However, when they are selected for their next assignment, their orders may direct transfer earlier than the previous three months prior to four months after their PRD allowed. The actual transfer date will be determined by the commencement of training for the prospective job and the date of the anticipated fleet vacancy they are being ordered to fill.

Additionally, when the number of critical fleet vacancies exceeds the number of sea duty rollers, detailers may contact shore duty Sailors that are approaching or beyond 24-months ashore, and consider them for an early return to sea move. When being considered for an early return to sea requirement, Sailors will be contacted by their detailer, and their current command will be contacted by their placement coordinator, and they will be afforded a 30-day window to submit an impact statement for consideration regarding their early transfer.

Also, nuclear enlisted sailors will have their initial sea tour PRDs set in accordance with their prescribed sea tour lengths. This change removes unnecessary administration from the ships, allows for more accurate personnel inventory reports and provides our Sailors with more accurate PRDs upon receipt of orders to their initial aircraft carrier sea tour.