San Diego, California - NAVSUP Global Logistics Support (GLS) in San Diego launched its Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) campaign April 1 as part of the Navy's greater effort to support the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response program.

NAVSUP GLS is also supporting the program's efforts among the eight Fleet Logistics Centers around the globe, each of which, in turn, is holding month-long campaigns in support of SAAM.

April has been designated and recognized all over the world as SAAM and this year marks its tenth year.

"SAAM, is a great opportunity to continue the conversation about prevention across our Enterprise," said Rear Adm. Vincent Griffith, commander, NAVSUP GLS. "Sexual assault can happen to anyone, anywhere, any time. Addressing sexual violence through education, public events and installation activities will only enhance the prevention of sexual assault."

LCDR Lillian Abuan from the NAVSUP GLS Logistics Management Program Office is the SAPR point of contact for the command. She has been involved in SAPR since 2010, here at NAVSUP GLS and at her former command Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, Pacific.

Abuan provides command SAPR training and is the Primary Command SAPR Victim Advocate, the Primary Command SAPR Liaison, and the Primary SAPR Data Collection Coordinator.

"Our ultimate goal as leaders is to provide a command climate of respect where unprofessional behavior is never tolerated and completely eliminated," said Abuan. "Sexual assault is completely unacceptable in the DoD community.

"With the number of high visibility cases, the world is scope-locked on how the military will eradicate this issue," said Abuan. "Unfortunately, there is no single easy method to prevent sexual assault. It most definitely requires our sustained commitment to a multi-pronged approach. Mentoring Sailors and shipmates, confronting alcohol issues, educating all military and DoD employees about our shared responsibility as bystanders, and actively eradicating sexism and sexual harassment whenever encountered."

Abuan initiated a "SAAM Day of Action" Kick-off event by unveiling their SAPR "Wall of Courage," a display board designed to increase awareness of the impact of violence and to offer employees resources with information pamphlets, SAPR Teal Bracelets, SAPR Teal Ribbons/Buttons, and SAFE Helpline wallet cards.

Additionally, Griffith hosted a SAPR public service video announcement for further distribution to the GLS Enterprise, and put on permanent display throughout April along with several approved videos produced by Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (CSADD) to publicize the command's efforts in support of the campaign.

"The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program, strives to promote awareness and prevention every day of the year," said Griffith. "I urge all of us to contact your local Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Awareness Coordinator to get involved and participate."

For more information on SAPR, visit To talk to someone confidentially or to make a report, call 877-995-5247 or go to