FDA actions to deter ‘gaming’ of generic drug approval process by the use of citizen petitions

Washington, DC - When I announced the Drug Competition Action Plan, or DCAP, in June 2017, I committed the FDA to a number of new steps to increase competition in the market for prescription drugs and to help facilitate the entry of lower-cost alternatives to improve patient access to affordable medicines.

Potential TB Exposure at East County Viegas Bingo Facility

Alpine, California - A person who played bingo at Viejas Bingo located in the Viejas Outlets and rode the Sun Charter San Diego North Line to the facility has been diagnosed with tuberculosis and may have exposed others, the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency announced Tuesday.

Flu Vaccine Now Available Across San Diego

San Diego, California - The flu vaccine is here.

And now that the influenza vaccine is readily available across the region, the County Health and Human Services Agency is encouraging the public to get vaccinated.

Avoid Carbon Monoxide poisoning and other dangers after a storm makes landfall

Washington, DC - Hurricanes can cause dangerous and destructive high winds, flooding, heavy rain, and storm surges. Carbon monoxide poisoning and driving through floodwaters cause injury and death after storms.

NIH launches initiative to accelerate genetic therapies to cure sickle cell disease

Washington, DC - The National Institutes of Health announced the launch of a new initiative to help speed the development of cures for sickle cell disease, a group of inherited blood disorders affecting at least 100,000 people in the United States and 20 million worldwide. The Cure Sickle Cell Initiative will take advantage of the latest genetic discoveries and technological advances to move the most promising genetic-based curative therapies safely into clinical trials within five to 10 years.

Infant Deaths Decline in San Diego

San Diego, California - The infant mortality rate in San Diego County has declined in the last 16 years and is now lower than it is in the state and the nation.