Atlantic Ocean - The life of a command master chief (CMC) aboard an aircraft carrier can be summed up in one word - busy. At all Navy commands around the fleet, the CMC is an important position as the voice of the enlisted crew to the commanding officer. Command involvement, leadership and guidance are a CMC’s currency that can motivate Sailors and help improve morale at a command. And while most know this vital member of the command triad, many may not know the success of this busy leader can hinge on the shoulders of a young Sailor.

Luckily, aboard USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75), Command Master Chief Jonas Carter has a teammate to help manage a hectic schedule and keep things in order every day.

“He expects me to be on time, within grooming standards, fresh uniform, eager to learn and motivated to work,” said Yeoman 3rd class Wilfrido Lopez. “He does not like failure and I don’t really have time to mess up on anything, so everything has to be right the first time.”

In a very demanding job, Carter credits Lopez with being a large part of this crucial role.

“A large part of my success is him managing my time for me and reminding me where I need to be and how to be there,” said Carter. “He equips me for my meetings with notes and print outs, which are very crucial to my success as Harry S. Truman’s CMC.”

As Carter’s yeoman, Lopez finds pleasure in interacting with people of all ranks from around the ship and enjoys meeting shipmates that come through the door.

“My absolute favorite thing is just talking to people,” said Lopez. “I’m a very outgoing person, so when I get the chance to just talk to new people I really appreciate it, and knowing our CMC on a more personal level is always a good thing.”

After spending some time aboard Harry S. Truman as an undesignated Sailor, Lopez struck yeoman through the Navy’s Professional Apprenticeship Career Track (PACT) program in March 2018. Meritoriously promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class a few months later and appointed as Carter’s yeoman in June, Carter says Lopez was a great choice for the job.

“He’s a great Sailor,” said Carter with a smile. “He’s very meticulous, very organized and very thorough. He doesn’t quit working until the work is done. He’s sets up tomorrow, today; so in the morning if we’re running behind we can just come in, grab our stuff and go.”

Carter says that Lopez’s work ethic and professionalism have merged seamlessly with the command’s expectations.

“I just appreciate his efforts; they’re in line with what I want to accomplish, which is in line with what the Captain wants to accomplish,” added Carter. “We’re all on the same page and it makes life that much easier.”

Harry S. Truman is currently conducting sustainment operations in the western Atlantic.