Great Lakes, Illinois - It is rare to see Navy families working alongside each other at the same command, however, at Training Support Center (TSC) Great Lakes a father and son have been doing just that for the past year.

Navy Chaplain Cmdr. John Johns and his son Mr. Matthew Johns, Training Technician in Student Control at TSC, work in different departments but have the same goal of assisting students in their journey in becoming well rounded Sailors.

And although they work in the same building, their paths do not cross often.

“It has been unique working at the same command, we do not have a lot of interaction during the day,” Cmdr. Johns said. “Our jobs do not cross a lot but we stop in and see each other in our offices probably a couple times a week because we both work in building 3.

Cmdr. Johns is the department head at TSC supervising four Chaplains, three Religious Program Specialists, and five Chaplain Assistants. He has served in the Navy for 24-years.

“It has been a great experience working with new Sailors, I love their enthusiasm and willingness to learn about the Navy," Cmdr. Johns said. "Working with new Sailors keeps me excited about the Navy and the future. My goals in working with the Sailors has been to help them navigate their transition from civilian to Sailor. Help them stay focused on why they joined and complete their studies at TSC.”

Mr. Johns tracks and records students as they go through their respective training pipelines. All segments of the student pipeline must be carefully monitored to provide accountability and to maintain an uninterrupted flow of students.

“I served in the Marines on active duty for four years,” Mr. Johns said. “It is rewarding having the opportunity to serve the Navy in a civilian capacity. It feels great to be able to help Sailors to start their careers as they are readying themselves for the Fleet.”

The father-son duo will be coming to an end soon. Cmdr. Johns’ final day at TSC Great Lakes will be on March 16; he is transferring to Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island.

“I have enjoyed my tour at TSC,” he said. “It has been challenging at times but I have also been blessed with great colleagues and good leadership. TSC Great Lakes is a unique place in the Navy and it has been a rewarding tour for me as a Chaplain.”