Man Charged with High Speed Flight from Border Patrol Checkpoint in an RV

San Diego, California - Vicente Villegas of Riverside appeared in federal court today in connection with charges that he fled a U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint at high speed during a smuggling incident in which he was allegedly driving a recreational vehicle with undocumented immigrants aboard.

San Diego Man Sentenced to Five Years in Prison for Three Robberies

San Diego, California - Ryan W. Nelson of San Diego was sentenced in federal court Wednesday to 60 months in prison for committing three robberies, including two bank robberies and the armed robbery of a shoe store.

Domestic Violence and Victim Resources via San Diego District Attorney

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San Diego Man Pleads Guilty to Sex Trafficking of Children

San Diego, California - Jonathan Madison of San Diego pleaded guilty in federal court Monday morning to sex trafficking of children, admitting that he knowingly recruited, advertised, and solicited teenage girls and women to engage in commercial sex acts. Madison also admitted that he videotaped himself having sexual intercourse with an underage girl and later transmitted the video to her by cell phone.

San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan Updates 2-13-21

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San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan via America Newscape

San Diego, California - America and San Diego Newscape present weekly updates from San Diego County District Attorney Summer Stephan Monday February 1, 2021.