San Diego, California - Training Support Center (TSC) San Diego held a celebration to mark the Navy’s 243rd birthday in the TSC San Diego Auditorium October 11.

The celebration began with a reading of the secretary of the Navy’s birthday message, brief heritage presentations, and a few words from Capt. Michael S. Feyedelem, TSC San Diego’s commanding officer, on the important role the Navy has had on the growth of the United States since its birth in 1775.

“We celebrate what the Navy means to our nation and the contributions that all of you make,” said Feyedelem. “Most nations have an army or land defense force, but the strong nations have a navy. There are so many times in our history that having a strong navy has impacted our future.”

A bell ringing ceremony was also conducted, in which ceremonial eight bells rang to signify the end of the current birthday year and were followed by a ceremonial strike of one bell to signify the start of the new birthday year.

“Our nation would not be as strong as it is without our Navy,” said Feyedelem. “It is the Navy that gives us that ability to project power around the world. We don’t need weeks to mobilize, we don’t need to build huge bases. All we need to do is take in the lines and go.”

The celebration was concluded with a cake cutting performed by the longest and shortest serving members of the TSC staff.