San Diego, California - 


Justin Case of America Newscape interviews Ling Zeng about her Herbal and Acupuncture Clinic in San Diego. Ling Zeng is the 16th generation of practitioners of Chinese medicine in her family. Her ancestors have been engaged in Chinese medicine for over 400 years. Their diagnostic experience comes from treating countless patients and observing the changes in their patients while undergoing treatment.

Ling’s lineage have formed their own unique principles, laws, methods, and medicine and are renowned in their province. They are one of the last few families remaining who have passed down their medical knowledge from generation to generation. Ling was educated in Chinese medicine by her grandfather and father.

From 1989, Ling worked in the China Marin Hospital as a Chinese medical doctor, specializing in various incurable diseases. In 2007, Ling started her herbal and acupuncture clinic in San Diego, bringing with her over 30 years of experience.

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