Los Angeles, California - Dr. Chia Soo’s professional life has been dedicated to finding new and innovative treatments to promote skin regeneration for scars from burns or other skin trauma. While performing research at UCLA more than 20 years ago, she found a promising peptide drug for wound healing and eventually founded her own company. But before she could bring it to market, she would need to perform preclinical proof of concept studies, which for her, would require more laboratory space, access to specialized and expensive facilities, and a place to grow her business.

Fresno, California - Roger Shane John, 32, of Turlock, pleaded guilty Monday to aiming the beam of a laser pointer at a Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department helicopter, U.S. Attorney McGregor W. Scott announced.

Los Angeles, California - The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that Electronic Transaction Clearing (ETC), a registered broker-dealer headquartered in Los Angeles, has agreed to settle charges that it illegally placed more than $25 million of customers’ securities at risk in order to fund its own operations.

Santa Ana, California - A Laguna Beach man has pleaded guilty to a federal wire fraud charge and admitted that he stole $6.8 million from victims of three investment fraud schemes.

Oakland, California - Celia Nipper, aka Celia Arrand, was sentenced to 51 months in prison for committing wire fraud, bank fraud, and filing false tax returns in connection with a scheme to embezzle funds from a real estate technology company, announced Acting United States Attorney Alex G. Tse; Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agent in Charge John F. Bennett; and Internal Revenue Service, Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI), Special Agent in Charge Michael T. Batdorf.  The sentence was handed down by the Honorable Haywood S. Gilliam, Jr., U.S. District Judge, following Nipper’s entry of a plea agreement on September 18, 2017.

Sacramento, California - California Attorney General Xavier Becerra Friday submitted a 22-page comment letter to the Trump Administration, detailing the plethora of reasons why opening California’s coasts to new offshore drilling would be unjustified, unprecedented, and ill-advised. California is home to approximately 1,100 miles of world-renowned coastline, and Attorney General Becerra underscores that he is prepared to do what is necessary to protect every single one of those 1,100 miles, including going to court.

Sacramento, California - California Attorney General Xavier Becerra issued the following statement after Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced, through a notice of interpretation, that the federal government will now preempt state laws that target abuses by student loan servicers: